The Shortest Night of the Year

June 20th, 2016, Sunset to Sleep in the Mojave High Desert
34.155612, -116.092177

featuring works by Siori Kitajima, Joseph Minadeo, Puffy Shapes, Solver, Miyamigo, Eucarya, Kazuhiro Kanazawa, Chiho Okada, Beeple, Ravi Prasad, Kevin Carr & Bunny San Tachi

Presented by Bunny San Tachi & PatternBased

Click for the Facebook Event Page. Paper doll art by Kazuhiro Kanazawa


About Us

Bunny San Tachi is Siori Kitajima and Joseph Minadeo. Through creations spanning visual, sonic & interactive, from low to hi tech/brow.. BST is an entity for creative exploration and hosts an annual spring artist residency and event, The Shortest Night of the Year. Bunny San Tachi HQ is in the Morongo Basin Hi Desert of Southern California.