Yearly Residency & Tiny Arts Prize

The Bunny San Tachi Artist Residency is an annual desert residency that starts flexibly in the spring and ends with The Shortest Night of the Year event on the evening of the summer solstice on or near June 21st.

In conjunction with the Residency, The Tiny Arts Prize is a small but significant grant comprised of money, physical resources, consultation and Mojave Desert access available to creatives who qualify.

About the High Desert

While far from still, it is easier to find places of incredible quiet out here. Sunrises and sunsets are brilliant and the night sky is filled with stars.

BST HQ is just north of Joshua Tree National Park about 2.7 hours west of the Pacific Ocean, at the bitter eastern edge of the Southern California sprawl. The last gas stations and water before a whole lot of open desert starting with Wonder Valley, a sparse landscape of high desert peppered with tiny homesteads, many of them abandoned. A unique place for exploration.

The BST HQ is room to create with access to a wide variety of tools virtual and tangible. Residents have their own living space and other amenities provided.

Contact us to apply

We are accepting contact for 2017’s Tiny Arts Prize and spring residency. To apply, send us a note and some links to your work.